“Marty, you did an awesome job. The kids and teachers loved your show! Thanks so much for visiting our school, and getting the kids excited about reading!”
Ashley Robertson, Media Specialist O’Neal Elementary School


Get your students excited about books, reading and the library with our underwater-themed program, "DIVE Into Reading!" Loads of magic, comedy and audience participation make this an unforgettable and motivational reading program. The four points in the program are:
Details (pay attention to details while you are reading)
Imagination (reading is fun because you use your imagination)
Vocabulary (reading helps to develop your vocabulary)
Education (we can learn anything through the magic of a good book)
The four points spell the word DIVE. The topics in the program are illustrated with magic tricks involving fish, sea creatures, water and even pirates! Eight children are called onstage to assist, which adds to the fun! Marty loves reading, and in fact he became interested in magic at age 8, after finding a magic book in his school library. Marty presents his program in approximately 70 different libraries each summer. This is the perfect program anytime you want to emphasize reading!



“Our kids and teachers LOVED your show, myself included! We truly enjoyed your visit and I’m so glad you made reading fun! You also picked a few of our kiddos to be your assistants that get overlooked many times because of their unpredictable behavior and speech difficulties. That was amazing! You have a wonderful talent not only for magic, but for getting kids excited and having fun!”
Marlana Howerton, Media Specialist Ezard Elementary School

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